Service Types

Working side-by-side with clients to deliver solutions that perfectly fit their needs

Our work ranges from short-term impact analysis to long-term partnership for complete system development and support.
Please contact us to discuss which service types could best serve your goals.

Problem Scoping

Do you have a “wicked” problem? One with no obvious solution? Spending time climbing the wrong walls? RayShaper works with you to make sure you’re solving the right problem.

Metric Design

One size doesn’t fit all: a quality metric for digital cinema would be different from one for remote surgery.

That’s why  RayShaper works on application-specific metrics for measuring the effectiveness of the solutions that we provide to our clients.

Quality Assessment

If you’re thinking of crowdsourcing your subjective video quality assessment experiments, RayShaper can help  you put the right conditions in place: content, display, and context. Plus, we help to profile your subjects to ensure their visual acuity. This’ll save you time and money.

Algorithm Design

Decades of experience in digital image processing, computational photography, and computer vision qualifies RayShaper in unique ways to develop and deliver the right algorithms for demanding video applications. 

Collaborative Research

No company can innovate alone. Researchers at RayShaper have extensive experience in collaborative projects funded by EU and private consortia. We know how to define, carry out, and share the benefits of multidisciplinary projects where each participant brings relevant and adequate resources to the team.


Making AI pay: it’s no secret that technology affects profits. Let’s crunch the numbers to see how much is enough and how much is too much. RayShaper puts to use quantitative methods to assess your total  cost of ownership in AI-based media production and delivery systems.

Algorithm-Architecture Codesign

Which is best for your application? ASIC, GPGPU, multicore, TPU? 

Matching algorithms with processors is one of RayShaper’s capabilities. The goal is simple: fit the algorithm on the right chip. 

Content Acquisition

Our experts have been helping the Montreux Jazz Festival to record live events for years. So let RayShaper help you acquire clean content. Get the right lighting conditions and capture crisp videos free of noise and other artifacts. 

Algorithm Audit

Do you have an AI algorithm and suspect it may be biased? Handling some types of content better than others? Or much more suitable for one platform and inefficient on your preferred platform? At RayShaper we’re ready to roll-up sleeves and work with you to for an unbiased solution.