Deep into Silicon

Deep into Silicon Where algorithms meet architectures Oh no, no… we don’t do chip layout or touch nanoscale transistors. Our partners and clients know how to go there. Our goal is to figure out what would limit the implementation of a particular AI algorithm: computation, communication, or (power) consumption? We think of ourselves as architecture-friendly […]

Cloud Editing

Cloud Editing Everybody likes good looking content Professional video editors don’t work under the same roof. They now work everywhere. Broadcasters and production houses employ journalists, reporters, and craft editors, located in multiple sites. They also use outsourced services around the world. On top of that, broadcasters now collect User Generated Content (UGC) as people […]

Quality Metrics

Quality Metrics Good compression must produce transparent quality In video coding, transparency is when the compressed result is perceptually identical to the uncompressed source. But the challenge is how to measure transparency. Today the most reliable way is by doing subjective experiments: asking humans to rate the quality of videos on a scale of 1 […]

Deep Compression

Deep Compression Time to transform video compression RayShaper works in two areas where AI adds value to visual signal processing systems. Deep tools for classic coders First is to improve standard algorithms for image and video compression, such as JPEG, HEVC and the like. These standards define the decoder and leave the encoder up to […]