RayShaper Research

A Research Company At the frontiers of smart vision systems for humans and machines The choice of RayShaper’s research topics is largely related to the interests and experience of our founder, Touradj Ebrahimi.  The unifying theme of our research stands on two legs: Visual signal processing systems empowered by AI algorithms, and  Addressing unsolved problems […]

Computational Vision

Computational Vision Where computational photography meets computer vision (with a touch of AI) Computational photography goes beyond traditional photography and here’s the difference. Traditional cameras capture 2D images and output pixels, whereas in computational photography multiple image sensors capture depth and reflection characteristics of what’s in view. Conventional photography captures pixels, whereas computational photography works […]

AI: The Digital Eye

AI: The Digital Eye Demystifying the most mysterious part of the brain Large portions of the human brain are dedicated to the perception and cognition of visual information. Any attempt to reproduce the workings of the eye is bound to result in unique challenges. Yet two tools help: signal processing algorithms inspired by neuroscience, and […]